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In 1994, Andrew made his first purchase of the music software Finale (then version 3.1). Since then he has regularly upgraded and is now enjoying the vastly improved version Finale 2011. From the start, Andrew used the banner ofMusic Room Publishing Walthamto give some authority to his publications, although in the early days pieces prepared were mostly double bass parts for Andrew’s own orchestral work. The aim was to produce more legible parts than the supplied printed copies and Andrew was able to add more cues and better page turns. There are now over 450 MRPW double bass parts in Andrew’s library.

From time to time, requests came in for work from Andrew’s friends and colleagues. Shortly after buying Finale 3.1, Andrew volunteered to produce parts for a large scale choral piece written by a well-known local musician. That was a steep learning curve, but the resulting parts were welcomed by the composer and orchestral musicians alike. Since then he has been called upon to produce parts for several local and regional orchestras – usually transpositions of trumpet, clarinet ot horn parts or even arranging and transposing an oboe part for alto saxophone! Recent work has included preparation of a Clarinet Sonatina by Donald Simpson from the manuscript dated 1955 and preparation of a piece for cello and piano Chanson d’un Pêcheur by Hans (surname still unknown!) from a 1939 manuscript, discovered in Norway. A score and a full set of parts for Elegy for Strings and Harp by Frederick Septimus Kelly has been recently issued under the MRPW banner for the Lincoln Choral Society.
Andrew has two publications to his name, both produced through Finale. He was co-author of Abracadabra Double Bass published in January 2005 by A C Black (London) and in the same year he self-published Landscape Scales for Double Bass – an 82-page volume of scales and studies in all keys and up to three octaves. There were good reviews in the national music press. Copies are still available for purchase. Abracadbra Double Bass is now being reprinted.
In November 2013, Andrew finished engraving his biggest project to date – Symphony no 6 by Evgeni Kostitsyn. The 81 pages of manuscript with the whole piece written in polytempo, pushed Finale (and Andrew!) to the limits of capability. The completed score can be viewed on Evgeni's website.
Andrew welcomes all enquires regarding the preparation of music scores and parts. The basic rate is very reasonable (from 1½p per bar) but the final charge also depends on the amount to be prepared and the time available. Copies can usually be prepared fairly quickly if there is some urgency. A well designed title page is always a feature of Andrew's work and adds the fininshing touch to the music.

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